These tips will make your readers love your blog!


Let us face it. All bloggers want their blogs to be read, loved and adored. It is not a bad desire; after all, the whole point of blogging, apart from the need to probably express your own views and opinions, is to connect with your readers. There is that innate desire to feel like your blog is indeed loved. This translates to your work being appreciated by other people who are not in your family and friend circle. We’ve got the answer if this is what you want to achieve.

Know that your blog is beyond you

If you want people to love your blog it is only logical that you consider these people in your writing. You have to ask yourself, “What category of people am I interested in capturing?” And by capturing, we mean getting a hold of their heart and attention. There are so many categories of people to focus on: bloggers, teenagers, Christians, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, poets, bankers, nursing mothers, singers and the list goes on and on. The main point is this: you need to really care about what your target audience cares about and write about what your target audience can relate with.

Learn the indispensable art of humour

You cannot escape this art as a writer. It is important that you learn how to infuse humour into your write-ups. Humour has a way of brightening things up. It is refreshing. If you want people to love your blog, you have to leave them with an impression – the kind that would have them wanting more of what you have got to offer. Let every single one of your blog posts leave them with a smile on their faces or with some ribs cracked, however the case may be.  We are not asking you to fake it, but the more you blog the better you’d become at this.

Respect punctuation marks

We had this Grammar Series on the real purpose of commas last week. You can check it out right here. This is so important. Punctuation marks help your target audience get your message clearly without their having to go through mental torture trying to grasp your point. Use them appropriately. Please remember this, when it comes to punctuation, you are not allowed to freestyle!


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