#PickOfTheWeek – Dreams, Love, Poverty and Life. You’ve got to read this


It’s time for our #PickOfTheWeek. This week’s writers are talking dreams, love, poverty and life. They are baring it all. 

The first piece is by @barvemargai and he gives us a sneak and beautiful peek into his dreams. We can only imagine how big his dreams are by reading this. 

farmto table.png

The second piece that sure caught our attention is by Akinrulie Opeyemi. His piece helps us understand that poverty is a problem of the mind. He believes that if we can conquer it in our minds we would have made progress in conquering it physically. 

farmto table (1)

Kunle Ibisola was right when he described love in this short and beautiful piece. See it for yourself. 

farmto table (2)

Our final selection for the week is by Adewale Olayemi. For some love is a drug that cures pain, for others it is their worst nightmare. Yemi got this right. farmto table (3)


If you are a writer and you post your work on Instagram, don’t forget to forget to tag @thesparklewritershub for a chance to be featured on our Pick of the Week.



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