#WordOfTheDay – A bugbear means …

Medieval (1)

We have a new word for you Sparkle Writers. The word ‘bugbear’ is a peculiar word pronounced as /bᴧgbe∂r/. It is a noun used to mean a source of fear, anger, anxiety or annoyance.

The word has an origin and it goes thus: A bugbear is an imaginary creature, invoked to frighten unruly children. From bug (hobgoblin) + bear, from Old English bera, ultimately from the Indo-European root bher– (bright, brown), which also gave us brown, bruin, brunet/brunette, burnish, and berserk. Its earliest documented use was in the year 1552.

Here is how the word is used in a sentence;

The biggest bugbear is the guideline against the use of phones within the school premises.

See you next week with another new word. 


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