#GrammarSeries- Learn about the active and passive voice

It’s time to improve your grammar Sparkle Writers. Are you ready?

Today we are learning about the differences between the active and passive voice.

The active voice is a form of writing or speech in which the subject is performing the action and can take a direct object. The passive voice, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. In this case, the subject undergoes the action of the verb, as opposed to performing the said action.

Now to the bone of contention; ‘Which is most appropriate to use as a writer?’

The answer is…the Active Voice.

We’re sure you are wondering why? We’d give you three reasons;

  1. It makes your write-up clear for your readers.
  2. It utilizes fewer words than passive voice i.e. it prevents wordiness.
  3. The passive voice can cloud the meaning of your sentence.

Here are some examples;

  • She bought the shoes. (Active)
  • The shoes were bought by her. (Passive)

Can you see the difference? A couple of sentences in the passive voice wouldn’t really hurt, but make sure there are only a couple in your articles.

Till next class, keep your grammar in check. 


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