Dear Writer, Comfort Is Not What You Need

When you want to move forward in life, career, business you are often asked to do one thing. Do you remember what that thing is? It is, ‘Step out of your comfort zone.’

Why do you think people are always asked to step outside their comfort zones? It is because growth lies outside your comfort zone. There’s something about stretching yourself, doing something you are not used to and conquering new grounds. It gives you fresh joy, excitement and energy to continue working.

As a writer, stepping out of your comfort zone is no different. You must forget about being comfortable and be ready to push yourself. When you do not feel excited about writing or you just want to take things to another level we suggest that you step out of your comfort zone in writing.

Explore new ideas and extend every boundary. Do something you have never done before. Put your all into your craft and see how it turns out. 

We have a few ideas that will help you to achieve this;

  • Take something ordinary and make it unusual. Sounds pretty easy right? Let’s help you even further. Write a story about something terribly boring but with a dramatic twist. 
  • Try writing about something awkward, upsetting, embarrassing, or controversial. If you are a writer who likes to play safe, tackle subjects like incest, religion, and STDs, or reveal your deepest, darkest fears in story form.

Everyone feels more comfortable with what they know, and writers can easily fall into a habit of sticking to their comfort zones. These habits block new and innovative ideas. Step out of your comfort zone and you’d be amazed by what you will produce.


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