#WriterSpotlight – “If I don’t write in a day, the day isn’t fruitful.” Akinwale Peace Akindayo


Sparkle Writers, it’s another Thursday! Are you ready for today’s #WriterSpotlight feature? 

Philip Peace started writing about six months ago but his resolve to write has helped him to achieve a whole lot in his few months of writing. Like we always say, just start; you never know where your writing can take you. 

Enjoy this interview. 

Hello Philip, please introduce yourself:

I’m Akinwale Peace Akindayo, publicly known as Philip Peace. I’m a writer and poet.

While doing a quick background check we found this in your bio; “I write to wound hearts and heal hearts, I write to kill hopes and to keep hopes alive “ Can you please explain what you mean?

Yes, most of my works are satire. I have a couple of romantic poetry too but I often write satire, and satire criticizes the ills in the society. So when my words wound hearts and kill the hope of vicious men, same words would heal the heart of some and keep their hope of surviving alive. That is what it means, in short.

How long have you been writing for and what have you learnt in these years?

I started writing at the mid year 2016. Since then, I’ve been improving both in making words and in effecting rhymes without much ado. Aside that, I write daily and it keeps me well, I can now say “if I don’t write a work of art in a day, the day isn’t fruitful.”

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

Well, I learned language, writing precisely, has power when I weighed the power of words. Words are simply everything.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I’m inspired by anything, tangible or intangible. I also get inspiration from things around me. At times, I often think as a pauper and write his mind.


You seem to love sharing your work on Instagram, what inspired this?

Actually, I’m not such a cute being…I’m not a fan of taking pictures too, so sharing my works there would make others know what I do and see some things, some facts…about life and what is really happening.

What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?

Nothing really, but anything or person that disturbs the goal, I’ll surely let go.

Apart from writing, what are your other hobbies?

I read too, I like sports as well…

Have you ever been rejected as a writer, if yes please tell us about it.

Well, I can’t say I’ve been rejected, maybe the works I submitted for contests are not okay or luck was just sick.

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

“To walk to a stranger’s house and see some of my books in his shelf.” Fulfillment.

How has your writing evolved over the years, did you do anything specific to make improvements? If yes, please share with us.

I improved in writing with a specific meter in each poem, especially since the beginning of this year. Meters are  the same thing as saying syllables, so having a definite meter is a having a definite syllable in each line or poetry.

Aside that, I actually created a blog to save my work for the present and for the future, it’s the easiest means to access to the world too.

What’s the biggest lesson writing has taught you:

You can only stand when you are ready to stand. They’ll come and challenge you, your works might not be appreciated, it’s just a means of saying;“without us, won’t you survive?”

If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?

The best that I can be.


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