How to write when you don’t just feel like it

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If you are being very sincere you will agree that there are times when you care less about writing or meeting your deadline and what you want to do is … sleep, play or just watch a movie. 

We have one quick advice for you – Bully yourself into writing.

Never heard that before? Well there are times you need to do things differently. What do we mean by bully yourself into writing? When you are tired and all your body wants to do is sleep, you know you need a measure of strength and willpower to force your body and mind to do what you don’t want to do. 

Let’s use this analogy.

If you need to submit an article in the next one hour and you honestly don’t feel like writing. This will work for you.

  1. Drop everything you are doing. 

You have just one hour to go. Stop every other thing you are doing and focus on the task ahead. Stop trying to do everything at the same time. It’s time to write so focus. 

2. Creative an enabling enrichment 

Your environment has a great role to play in inspiring or encouraging you to write. Some writers cannot think well in a rowdy environment. If you look around and see that your environment isn’t neat enough, do a little clean up. If you need to play some music to just create a proper environment. You can do that too. 

3. Write

Now that you have made everything possible, i’ts time for you to write.  This is not the best time to start editing line after line. You may get tired easily. Free write and when you are done, do your editing. 

So no more excuses. Start writing and finish it too 🙂 


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