This is why you shouldn’t copy somebody’s content on your blog

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Hello Blogger! Welcome the blogging series on the Sparkle Blog. Today’s topic may sound strange to you ( If you’ve never copied somebody else’s content before) but we know there are a few people who still need logical reasons why this is wrong.

Today’s post is dedicated to that group of people

Reason 1: Copying is the same thing as stealing

Do we need to explain this any further? There’s no point using a trendy name for it. Copying content from somebody else and posing it as yours is stealing. Period.

Reasom 2: Somebody worked hard to get what you just want to spend five minutes copying and pasting

Think about it. It will take you about five minutes or lets say 10 minutes to take the content from the original source and paste on your blog. The writer probably spent the whole night working on that piece. You are disrespecting the work by stealing it. If you love it so much why don’t you get express permission from the blog owner before you use it?

Reason 3: You are diminishing your creativity 

Creativity is like a muscle, the more you flex it, the stronger it becomes. When you refuse to use your creativity over and over again and prefer to steal content from other people you are doing yourself more harm than good. Do you know that no matter how much you write you can never use up creativity? So don’t be scared to flex those creative muscles.

Do you have more reasons why people need to stop stealing content? Share with us in the comment box!


One thought on “This is why you shouldn’t copy somebody’s content on your blog

  1. Copying is stealing. If you like it so much, acknowledge the author. Dunno why some people don’t get that!



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