#GrammarSeries – How much is too much?

This is how to handle criticism like a pro

It’s Tuesday and it’s grammar time on the Sparkle Writer’s Hub.

Instead of focusing on a particular grammar topic, today we want to discuss. When it comes to grammar how much is too much? Must a writer always be grammatically correct? How do you draw the line between correcting somebody’s grammar flaw and being a nag?

Here are our thoughts;

You don’t have to learn all the rules in one day.

We even doubt if that is possible. As a student of grammar you have to be ready to learn something new one day at a time. Why do you think we treat topics in the grammar series in bits on the Sparkle Writer’s Hub? It is so that you can soak in one part of the information properly before we bombard you with another.

Don’t harass people with your new knowledge 

As much it is good to practice whatever new grammar lesson you have learnt so it can stick, don’t make it a habit to harass people, nag them or make fun of them when they make mistakes. Remember that there’s still a lot you don’t know and you won’t want somebody to do the same thing to you.

Keep things simple

The fact that you learnt about the compound complex sentence today does not mean you should use it in your children’s story. Know when and how to apply whatever grammar rule you learn and do so appropriately. Always keep things simple. Remember, the reason for learning all the rules is to communicate properly.



2 thoughts on “#GrammarSeries – How much is too much?

  1. Yeah. It’s never too much. I learnt something new about the em dash few days ago that stunned me (I always thought I knew everything about the em-dash)
    So yeah, we should just be ready to learn always.



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