3 ways to start making money from your blog


Most bloggers have unsuccessfully tried to monetize their blog. Others just don’t know what to do so they rather not try at all.

In fact, we are sure you may have read a few tips about this topic and realized that they were not practical enough. Whatever side you belong, today, we will give you three fool proof ways of making money from your blog

Sell something.

Does this sound  strange or too general? Not really. When we say sell something we are asking you to create a product that readers want and will pay money for. For instance if you’ve been blogging about make up for three years, it may be time for you to start selling some make up tutorial videos? Same goes for writers. You can commercialize some of your content, maybe a short story and sell it as an e-book. Whatever you decide to do be creative about it.

Advertise products on your blog. 

Instead of waiting for Google Ad sense, why don’t you just go directly to the manufacturers of products and pitch your blog for adverts since you have their clients reading your blog. This is one way bloggers have been making money. Don’t always wait for the client to come and meet you. There are times you have to take the first step.

Product reviews/ sponsored posts.

This is slightly different from direct adverts on your blog but you will still get paid for it all the same. Just as the name implies, you can get products or services from the providers and review your experience using the product on the blog. This way your readers get to see reasons why they need such products or service too. The company gets the extra sales and you get your money. It’s that easy.

Please note that you may have to seek out companies or service providers willing to collaborate with you. Don’t just sit and expect things to work.

Are you already making money from your blog? Please share how in the comments section.



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