3 writing myths you must get rid of today


There are a few things you hear about writing and you are like really? Is that actually true? Or is somebody just saying it because they feel like?

Today we are going to debunk some writing myths. We know you’ve probably heard a lot.

Myth 1 – Writing is a solitary activity.

Don’t you just get annoyed when you say you are a writer and people just expect you to be one sad, lonely person who is just in love with books, computer and journals?  We may sit in front of the computer a lot but that doesn’t mean we are isolated. Don’t let anyone label you just because you are a writer. If you are the solitary person, it’s fine. However, you don’t have to be.

Myth 2 – You need to be a perfect writer before you write professionally

Does this make so much sense to you because it doesn’t make so much sense to us. If you don’t start writing you will never be a good writer. Don’t wait till you become ‘professional’ before you start writing. How would you even become a professional if you don’t write? All you must do to become a good writer is to write, write, write, study the craft, practice the craft, then write some more.

Besides, even the most successful writers you admire had no clue what they were doing until they did it.

Myth 3 – Writing is a compulsion

We bet you have heard this before:  “I just have to write, otherwise I’ll go crazy!”

But is this true though? Do you actually feel like you’d go crazy or in fact do you really go crazy when you don’t write? Maybe not. We think some people say it because it sounds fresh. This however is not true.  If writers were so driven to write, why doesn’t a lot more writing get done? Feeling a desire to claim you’re writing but not actually writing much has nothing to do with compulsive, irresistible talent.

Over to you, what other writing myths do you think we should get rid of?

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