#SWChristmasCampaign – “With Christmas approaching love comes in to light up every home.” Uchenna Okoro


Uchenna Okoro definitely wrote her entry from her heart. We love that she explained why she didn’t think Christmas was special and what changed her mind. You would love this piece.


Christmas? It is not just a day, it is a season.

I did not start out loving Christmas. I detested the fake smiles and the fake love and affection expressed by relatives who spent so much travelling from different parts of the country to their hometowns to be with other family members during this season, but who would never call or text or show any form of concern after that time.

I held on to this idea for a while until I met with The Reason for The Season. Now I know that I held on because I lacked understanding. When we met, Jesus Christ (The Reason for The Season) taught me deeply about His atoning sacrifice and about our Heavenly Father’s plan of Salvation. He relieved me of a burden I had carried for years for He made me understand that because the world is plagued with many horrors and challenges, humans need special seasons to help them remember eternal purpose and truths. He said it is OK to have a time that will make us remember.

Now I anticipate Christmas. The change in weather, reunions and springing forth of colours all express the positivity of the season. With Christmas approaching, gloom goes into hiding and love comes in to light up every home.

One can perceive this love in our reaction to loss, in our smiles and in our voices. For from the love given and received, we gather strength to carry us into the New Year.

I know now that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us and when I celebrate Christmas with family and friends, I thank Him for the Atoning Sacrifice of His firstborn son, Jesus Christ.

About Uchenna

Uchenna Okoro

24 year old Uchenna Okoro is the CEO of The Handmade Nigeria. She’s is from Ebonyi State, but resides in Nasarawa State.

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