3 teeny weeny mistakes that may be affecting your blog right now


It’s Friday and time for our #BloggingSeries. Now if this is the first time you are reading this series we suggest you read past series.

Back to today’s topic.

It’s very easy to see big mistakes and correct them but what happens when you there are teeny weeny mistakes and you don’t discover them on time? Your blog suffers.

We are going to highlight a few things you need to go back and check on your blog and correct them if there’s a need to.


No blogger should just put out all his or her content without subheads. Your blog will look too clumsy and unattractive.

Do you want that for your blog? We suggest you go and correct that now.

Disjointed fonts

How annoying! If your blog has a billion fonts because you’re not paying attention to detail, your blog will appear disorganized. Go back to your blog and check that all the fonts are uniform.

Proper spacing

Always ensure that your articles are properly spaced. It is especially difficult for mobile readers to read long blog posts that are not well spaced. In case you don’t know, mobile readers constitute a larger percentage of blog readers. You don’t want to chase them away because of terrible spacing. 

These are a few of the many teeny weeny mistakes that you may be making on your blog. Now go back and correct them.

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