#SWChristmasCampaign – “The beauty of Christmas is in the joy that comes with togetherness.” Arua Ezinne

Arua Ezinne

Arua Ezinne takes us down memory lane in her entry today. It’s good to see how Christmas still has a special place in her heart. Enjoy her entry! 


I remember the first Christmas I remembered. I was a little girl whose parents got new dresses and gave a big-girl plait. I had some teeth missing but that did not stop the cheer, I laughed on as if some camera man hung around me at all times screaming “say cheese”. We used to run around with no care on our young minds. Not only the young merried, the old made the most of the season as well.

Dry leaves in the streets, harmattan in the air and somehow all the dust was no bother. With cheer we made many stops, in homes of people we would never see again until next Christmas, a funeral or a wedding. We wined, dined and fed fat, not to satisfy hunger, but to feel the longing of the warmth of the people we love.

That was how we cherished Christmas. With no jingles, colored lights, no carols, no songs of 9 lessons, presents or a visit to the grey man from North Pole and still we felt “Christmas”. We relished all the minutes and seconds that rolled by on the 25th day of December. We were eager in anticipation and savored in retrospect.

I still love Christmas today. Thank God another is by the corner. We hope to dine again, wine again and feed fat again. This time not as a little toothless girl, but as a woman who looks back on how far she has come. A woman who knows that everyday should be happy, everyday should be a day to love. For the joy of Christmas lies not in the new dresses nor the (long) trip to special places but on the joy that comes with togetherness.

For me, Christmas is a time to rejoice. Not just because Christ is born, but because it is a day the whole world lights up in love. 

About Arua

Arua Ezinne

My name is Arua Ezinne Celine. I am a young Nigerian and a Clinical Psychologist by profession. But somehow writing found me. I write what you see, know and experience in your everyday life.

If you would like to be featured in The Sparkle Writer’s Christmas Campaign, please send an entry of between 300-400 words telling us what Christmas means to you. Your entry must be sent with two pictures of yourself and your bio to [email protected]. We have limited slots left so send in your entry as soon as possible. 

2 thoughts on “#SWChristmasCampaign – “The beauty of Christmas is in the joy that comes with togetherness.” Arua Ezinne

  1. I have always savoured every piece you write. Your illustrations keep me glued to your narration till the very end. I love the way you move the pen, lighting up dull moments with your intense presentations. Congratulations my dear. More grace and insight.



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