This is why every writer must love writing


There are so many writers in this age and while some love to write, others do it because it feels like the ‘in thing’ or because there was a job opening; a writer was needed and they had nothing else to do.

Some people scribble a few ideas and already consider themselves to be writers. Although this is not wrong in itself, you need more than a few scribbles to sustain your writing career.

There must be passion. If you plan to remain a writer for a long time, you need more than ‘like’ to sustain you.

The world is harsh enough; don’t add to it by doing something you don’t love. It’s even bad for your health.

Here are a few reasons why you need to love writing before you make a career in it;

Writing may not pay you immediately

You can write for years and not get a dime for it. Not because you’re writing bad stuff, but that’s just how things are. If you are writing just because of what you can make from it, you will get frustrated when the money isn’t coming. You must get to a point where you can and will still write even if you don’t get paid. Now there are some writers that claim not to love writing but love having written. We do not advice that you do this. There must be at least some amount of love for the process.

There will be days when you don’t feel like writing.

Absolutely! The fact that you love writing does not mean you’d always feel like writing. There are times you will have nothing to write about, but what sustains you at such times is the love you have for the skill.


You cannot hide for long

If you don’t love something, no matter how long you pretend, it will eventually reflect. You will burn out. Life is too short to spend time doing things you don’t love. You need to please yourself and have fun doing it.

We hope this helps you. Remember that the world will eventually reward you for creating something beautiful.



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