#WriterSpotlight- He’s young but definitely a go-getter.



Today’s edition of the #WriterSpotlight series is special. If you have not heard of the 16 year old writer passionate about impacting lives, well allow us t introduce you to Uke Enun Jnr.

His story will blow your mind away. So much insight for  16 year old.

Hello Enun. Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

I’m Uke Enun Jnr, 16 years Old and the CEO of Achievers Today, an entrepreneurial platform built to develop kids, teens and youths with a mindset of creating positive impact in their generation, whilst learning how to turn dreams and passions into successful businesses.

I’m a high school graduate from the University of Calabar International Secondary School and also an active member of the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) Youth Action Movement (YAM).

I really believe that no one is too young to succeed, and as long as you’re willing to learn and take action, then there will be results. Personally, I know if you can imagine it, then it is possible to achieve it.

You are an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and we know you still go to school. How do you balance everything?

I apply self-investment and zero procrastination. With these two principles, I schedule my time very well based on school and work. I don’t study to past tests, I study to build myself and when I do this, I am able to retain more things. I learn and practice. I never procrastinate any of the things I have to do and that’s just how I do it.

At what age did you start writing and who or what inspired you to write?

I started writing fully at age 13 and I get so inspired as a result of the message I have to share with my world, the kind of people that need it and of course the amount of impact I can make.

You are passionate about personal development. Tell us why personal development is very important for writers?

Personal development is as important to everyone as it is important to writers. In the case of writers, personal development does a whole lot, but one major thing is that it gives them a leverage to be able to build and convey their message to their readers in a way that creates a lasting impact on them.

You’ve achieved a lot for someone your age. What drives you?

What really drives me is the number of kids, teens and even youths whose lives can be impacted with my message.

You have a firm grasp of your message. How were you able to find your message and the right audience?

I was able to grasp my message firmly, the very day I found discovered my purpose on earth.

Can you take us through a typical day in your life?

My day would normally start at 4.AM,  I connect with God, then go for a walk or run round my neighborhood.When I get back, I visualize and set out my goals for the day.

I check-in to my study and prepare new content for my audience. When that is done and dusted, I begin working on my major projects first, some of which may require me leaving the house. When I’m done, I have ‘me time’, where I research, read, learn, and try out new things.

After that, I connect and keep tabs with my communities, check-up with my audience to see how I can offer more value.

Thereafter, I just track my day and see what new progress I’ve made and how I can improve, before gearing up for the next day.

What has been your most challenging moment as a writer?

My most challenging moment as a writer was when I had a message that I was committed to and so convicted it would help my audience, but I was struggling to organize it and share it with them.

What’s the worst writing mistake you have ever made?

The worst writing mistake I have ever made was when I once tried to make my message seem like those of other renowned writers.

Since you began your journey as an entrepreneur, has your age limited you in anyway?

My age has helped me more than it has limited me. Though I sometimes reserve some ideas and projects probably because of fear of failure. Despite this, I always make sure I challenge those limits.

How do you create time to write and put down your thoughts?

I easily find time to put down my thoughts because I visualize my day and set goals ahead, this helps me create time for my creative moments. Also, I go around with as many writing materials as possible. This way, I can always put down my ideas and write on-the-go.

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

My ultimate dream is to always write lines that impact and cause a phenomenal step-up in the lives of my readers every single time.




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