Struggling to write your first draft? These four tips will help you


You can have several ideas inside of you, these ideas can even be the best things to happen to humanity in the 21st century. The unfortunate thing however is that if you don’t sit down to write that first draft, your idea will always be an idea.

There is a quote that says “Every writer I know has problem writing.” This is probably because some of us find it hard to put our drafts together.

Most times writers find it difficult to get the words out. Although there are different approaches to writing a first draft, it is certain that you’d have to do one thing and that is to ‘Write.’

Since we’ve agreed on that, let’s highlight a few tips that can help you out your first draft together.

Figure out what you want to write about

Although this may not happen all of the time, it is advisable to have an idea of what you want to write about. You can do a quick outline and then try to flesh it up. Outlining is an incredibly strong, compelling structure upon which you can build complex characters, or subplots, twists, or beautiful writing.

Don’t stop until the end

As much as possible, avoid distraction and keep writing. You don’t want to lose your line of thought and start struggling to remember what you wanted to say. That alone can cause anxiety and can lead to a temporary writer’s block.


Don’t try to edit or re-write

When you are writing your first draft, stick to writing alone. Don’t try to edit your ideas until you finish writing. Just write. According to Shawn Coyne rewriting or editing before you have completed the first draft will lead to despair. Editing sentences before the story is complete may make it harder for you to follow your train of thought with the story.

Don’t get discouraged

This is definitely not easy especially when you have an idea of what you want your book or article to look like and the draft doesn’t fit that picture. It is a draft. It is not expected to be perfect. Just keep writing. Getting discouraged will not write you a book.

“Remember the purpose of a first draft is to get it right not get it written!” John Dufresne

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