Too busy to write? These tips will help


It’s one thing to love to write, it is another thing to create the time to write. A major problem most writers complain of is getting the time to do the actual writing. For whatever reason, it is always a herculean task. However if you don’t find the time to write can you keep calling yourself a writer? Not really.

A popular writing quote says ‘You don’t find time to write you make time.’

This just means there will always be other things that seem to be more important than writing but if you want to make a success out of this you must be ready to cast other things aside and actually write.

Today we are giving you practical tips on how to create your writing time.

Choose a suitable period of the day

You don’t need to sit at your computer and write 24 hours a day especially if you have a regular job. Instead, decide what time of the day works for you and stick with it. Is it early in the morning? While in transit? During lunch break? Or just before you go to bed? Choose a tme and stick to it. That way, you get to write every day for shorter periods of time instead of going to stare at the computer for hours.

Have writing goals

Goals have a way of pushing you to work especially if you are serious about achieving them. Create a bigger goal and then outline the steps you need to get there. Give each step a timeline and ensure that you keep to it. This practice also gives you a better sense of how those years can slip by if you let them. Set a goal that inspires you and work back to create a schedule.

Be accountable

It is one thing to set writing goals but a totally different thing to be accountable. If you find it difficult to be accountable with your writing goals you may need to get an accountability partner. You can pair up with a friend who is also a writer, join a writing group or take a writing class. All these can give you the push you need to keep writing, no matter how busy you are.

What other methods do you use to create time to write?

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