#WordOfTheDay- When last did you use this word?

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The #WordOfTheDay series not only brings you words that you may never have heard before.it also brings words which, although may sound familiar, you are not really sure how to use them.

Today’s word is rather simple but you may not have used it before. We hope that after today’s post you’d be able to use the word properly!

The #WordOfTheDay is Kith. /kɪθ/

It means: familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives.

This word is usually used with ‘kin’ in a sentence.

Look at these examples.

Cooking during Christmas can be very tiring , but seeing kith and kin around the table, eating happily, has a way of making the stress disappear. 

The joy of returning to kith and kin was greater than all her former joys.



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