Grab your reader’s attention with these 5 easy steps


You can’t put a price on the joy a writer feels when he is able to engage with his readers through his work. It’s always exciting. Sadly not so many writers get to experience this joy. Others do just a few times. Whatever category you belong to, we’ll help you enjoy this feeling more often.

Here are 4 things you can do to grab your reader’s attention:

Don’t waste your first few sentences.

You do not have all day to get your reader interested in your work. Your first sentences should lure your reader and get him interested.

Don’t wait till you are in the 5th paragraph before you reveal what your story is about. You can use an anecdote, or reveal alarming statistics on the subject matter.

Pay attention to your readers

If you are writing for young people, your language must be fun and engaging. If you are writing for business owners you must use their vocabulary.

Let your work be relatable. This would give your readers the A-ha moments over and over again.


Shorten your sentences

The attention span of the average reader is not so encouraging. It’s even worse with the ‘internet readers.’ They want to quickly scan through the article and move on to the next thing.

Ensure that your words are as concise as possible. Use strategic words that relate your message clearly. Don’t write a sentence that is two kilometers long.

Don’t forget the pictures.

A picture can pass across a message in the simplest ways. Don’t use ugly, or low quality images. Use pictures that relate to your story. There’s no point using the picture of a man in the office when you are writing on the importance of breast milk. It’s just wrong.

Visually stunning, attention grabbing and relevant pictures would do you a lot of good

Conclude in grand style

There’s nothing worse than ruining the great moments you’ve given your reader with a terrible conclusion. It’s unforgivable.

Let your conclusion end with a thought provoking question, call to action or whatever you think will work with your readers.

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