#StopTheCliche – Don’t be caught using these phrases


We have been able to prove that cliches are boring and sometimes uncalled for. However there are just some that you shouldn’t be caught using. We’ll be highlighting the worst of them in today’s post

The rest is history. Can this phrase become history too? It is used to wrap up a story or state that you have no further insight into a discussion. We’d appreciate it if you can find an alternative.

Don’t cry over spilt milk. Nobody actually cries over spilt milk. So technically this phrase is irrelevant. It’s not nice to undermine someone’s pain by asking him not to cry over spilt milk. Find another way to console somebody when they are confronting an issue.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Who came up with this phrase? Why is it used so frequently to ‘remind you that everything will be fine in the end?’ Isn’t there another way to say this? We bet there is.


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