#GrammarSeries – Who knew there was a difference between everyday and every day?


every-day-or-everydayHow are you doing Sparkle Writer? Today’s Grammar Class should be exciting. This is because we found out something we think you should know too.

Did you know there is a difference between everyday and every day? Yes there is. Although the only obvious difference between them is the tiny space, these two words have different meanings.

Today’s post will tell you all about it.

Everyday is an adjective that means ordinary or normal. As a result it goes before the noun it describes.

For example

Since I am going to the market, I’ll wear my everyday clothes.

Everyday makeup is not suitable for a wedding


Every day on the other hand is an adverbial phrase meaning daily or each day. The first word every is an adjective and the second word day is a noun, and together they function as an adverbial phrase.

For example

My mum went to the gym every day to lose so much weight.

When he was in the hospital, his mum visited him every day.

One great way to know the difference is by replacing every day with each day. If the sentence still makes sense then you should go with every day. If it doesn’t everyday is probably more appropriate.


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