Think blogging is tedious? These tips will help you commit to it


When we talk to writers about starting a blog, we hear different excuses;

“I wouldn’t be able to sustain a blog.”

“I cannot commit to blogging.”

“What will I write?”

“Finding the time to sit down to write a blog post is what I find difficult.”

If you’ve ever given any of these excuses or a similar one, we are here to help you. Blogging is not as difficult as you think. With proper planning, you can sustain an engaging and long-lasting blog. Here are some tips that will help you commit to blogging;

Decide on a Schedule

You don’t have to publish every day. Choose a day of the week when you want to put up posts on your blog and stick to it. You can also schedule your blog posts weeks or months in advance. Don’t look alarmed; we’ll tell you how.

Write your content in advance

To schedule your posts weeks in advance, you must write them in advance. What you can do for example is to have a theme for the month and write all your blog posts relating to that theme and schedule them. This will work well if you choose a weekly schedule. If you intend to write daily, you can write the content a week in advance.

Have a list of blog ideas

You must be deliberate about sourcing for ideas if you want to sustain your blog. Create a folder on your computer and save links and pictures of ideas that inspire you. While scrolling through social media on your phone, take screenshots of things you like or articles that other people have written.

Start writing early

The best time to start writing is as early as possible. Carve out at least 2o or 30 minutes to write something. You might not necessarily use it on your blog but it will form a great pool where you can get ideas from later on.


Create a series

Starting an exciting series on your blog is bound to get you committed and your readers glued to your blog. The reason is because they will be anticipating the next in the series and you will not want to let them down will you? When you implement the above tips, creating a weekly series will not be a challenge.

Have fun

Your blog is not a chore. It is a platform for you to express yourself as freely as possible and build a loyal following for your personal brand and business. Let your blog reflect who you are. Let it be a tool through which you educate people and add value into the lives of others.

If you need help creating a strategy for your blog, then send us an email – [email protected] or you can give us a call and book a coaching session with our writing coach – 0817 016 6058.

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