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Compliment and complement


These two words sound alike but don’t mean the same thing. Can you tell the difference? When something complements something else, that means it completes it, enhances it, or makes it perfect.

For example
You can say your shoes complement your dress or a wine can complement a meal, and two colors can complement each other.

However, the word ‘compliment’, refers to an expression of praise (as a noun), or to praise or express admiration for someone (as a verb). You can compliment someone or pay someone a compliment.

For example
I complimented his new hair cut.

Farther vs. Further

It is common for people to use ‘farther’ and ‘further’ interchangeably but this does not mean it is correct. There is a slight difference between these two words. While farther refers to physical distance further is used to refer to figurative and non physical distance.

Look at these examples
Argentina is farther than the United States of America.
Everyday Sola and his mother grow further apart.