Hey Sparkle Writers! We were so excited when we came across The A.A. Writers Fund and we think it is such a great initiative for writers in Nigeria.

So what is The A.A.Writers Fund?

The Akighir and Akinbukola Writers Fund (The A. A. Writers Fund) was set up by fellow writers who understand “the struggle”. You know how it is; the never ending race for relevance and the barriers to overcome to be a successful writer.

With the A.A. Writers Fund, writers will be able to get a little headspace to work. That is one of the main reason why it was set up, according to the owner of the fund:

“We believe writers perform a very important service in society. They enlighten, teach, empower, they motivate,they show us a vision of what is possible. This fund will help writers to keep doing the work which our society definitely needs.

Fuel the generator, fix the laptop, renew the data plan, take care of your health, a bit of money that gets you to that next opportunity – anything that gives you a bit of relief. It is not a fund meant to alleviate the full financial burden on a writer, just a little peace of mind.”

That’s awesome right? We think so too!

If this sounds like something you are interested in applying for, here are all the details you need.

To qualify for the fund, you must:

  • Be a Nigerian who resides in Nigeria
  • Be a writer in any genre: Literary, News, Speechwriter, Opinion Pieces etc
  • Be freelance or take on freelance work as well
  • Have a proven track record of work

Please note that this fund is not for people who write occasionally or as a hobby.

To apply for the fund, you need to send the following to in a single MS Word document (entries which are not in an MS Word document will not be considered):

  • Your name and location
  • A personal statement detailing why you should benefit from the fund (300-500 words, specifics are great)
  • Work Sample – Links to your work or email 5 pages of sample work
  • A reference (optional)

If you are linking to your work, include the link after your personal statement. There is no entry fee.

The grant under this fund is a one-off. It is not a monthly stipend and awardees can only benefit once. If you are successful in this quarter, you will be awarded a bursary of £140.

Application closes on Sunday 24th July. So don’t waste any more time Sparkle Writers. Apply today. If you wish to contact The A.A. Writers Fund directly, click here.