#PickOfTheWeek – Not seeking validation


Medieval (4) 

Hey Sparkle Writers, welcome to another #PickOfTheWeek segment.  Writers are truly amazing people and the level of wisdom potryed in the posts are encouraging. Today we have four amazing writers. 

Let us know what post you loved most. 

farmto table How many of us agree that no matter how negative the comments we recive are, we should not at any time let them get to us. This may be hard but if we can make up our mind that no amtter the negativity we’d continue we will realize that they will in the end celebrate us.  farmto table (1) Do you know why we love this post? Because we know for a fact that it is true. Many of us sometimes get confused on what is and is not good for us and the truth is that sometimes the person you want does not deserve you.  Thank you Elo Osiki for the reminder. 


farmto table (3) How easy is it to point accusing fingers at others when we are also doing the same thing or maybe even worse. Thank you Kolade Afolabi for the reminder. 

farmto table (4).png Henrietta is a new writer on our   PickOfTheWeek segment and this post is everything! We cannot give what we don’t have .  Before you can become the one to someone else you must the the one to yourself. You must see yourself as important and valuable 


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