#PickOfTheWeek – Setting 2018 on course


It’s our first PickOfTheWeek for the year and we have selected some amazing pieces to kickstart 2018.

From a prayer to a candid advice and inspiration, 2018 is looking good already.

The first piece to be featured today is by Oluwadunsin Deinde-Sanya. Such apt prayers to start the year. We all know that we can’t afford to be fearful especially if we want better results this year.


farmto table(2)


There are times we get discouraged because of those people who keep reminding us of our shortcomings.  All we can say is this, it won’t be long! Hey Ella this is one beautiful piece.

farmto table(3)


Who else just gets excited thinking about the possibilities and opportunities 2018 has? Adigun Mide knows this too

farmto table(1)


Last and definitely not the least is this! Simple and straight to the point. In 2018, don’t get distracted.

farmto table(4)If you are a writer and you post your work on Instagram, don’t forget to forget to tag @thesparklewritershub for a chance to be featured on our Pick of the Week.


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