#WritingQuote – Don’t be fake. You are more interesting as you truly are


Ask questions. Never pretend to know what you don’t know, otherwise you will never learn. Read books. Do things properly. Do not write formal emails in text language where ‘you’ is one letter of the alphabet. Don’t be fake. You are more interesting as you truly are. Don’t measure yourself using another person’s yardstick. Be curious about the world. – Chimamanda Adichie (Nigerian), Author of Americanah.

This is some real life advice for your consumption. Great writers read other writers. That you are a writer does not mean you should be all-knowing. Be humble enough to read books and stop pretending like you know everything.

Another candid advice from Chimamanda is this: jettison the mask you wear and come out plain. Avoid being fake like it is a plague because it actually is. Be the interesting person that you are. Yes, you are really interesting. That boring life is what someone else may just be interested in.

Another thing Chimamanda emphasizes is measuring one’s self using someone else’s yardstick. This is what most writers are guilty of. You have got to learn that no writer is your standard measurement.

Lastly, be curious about the world. You see, this is really profound. Curiosity opens you up to knowledge about the world you live like never before besides, curious people always make the most amazing discoveries.


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