Dear writer, you are a gift to your world


It’s the season of giving and what better thing to talk about than how precious writers are to the world?

Writers are gifts. Yes, you are a gift to the world. Take it or leave it. It is high time you began to unveil more of your words to the world and take off the wrapping sheet little by little. You know, when gifts are presented to people, they are wrapped in beautiful sheets majorly for the purpose of unveiling the content by the would-be recipient of the gift. If the wrapping sheet is not taken off, nobody gets to see what is in it. Nobody gets to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the beauty of the gift.

That is our point exactly. You world is not going to know it has been given a gift if there is no unveiling or unwrapping. This is the season and this is the time for you to show your world what it has been missing. Let your words flow out of you without trying to hold them back. Give your words the chance to put a smile on someone’s face. Give your words the chance to heal; the chance to give someone a ray of hope in this depressing world. The sky is wide enough for you to sparkle and be the gift that you are to your world.

Whatever it takes dear writer, unveil your gift. Of what use would a gift be if it just remains in one corner with no unwrapping or unveiling? You are right! It would not be of use to anyone. It would just be there sitting pretty and not making ANY difference. You do not have to be that way. Write and make a difference to your world. That is how it starts.

Never forget that you are a gift. Be that gift and let your star sparkle like never before.


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