#PickOfTheWeek – Life is in seasons


Hey Sparkle Writers, it has been months since we started the #PickOfTheWeek  segment on the blog and it’s been amazing.

Like other Tuesday’s we have four amazing writers from instagram whose posts will be featured today.  Let us know what you think.

The first post is by Hannah and she strikes the right chords talking about one sided love.  It can be heart breaking when you are giving all you’ve got and you’re not getting any response.

farmto table(5)



True! Every thing that seems impossible and stressful will soon be in the past. All we’ve got to do is hold on. Thank you Mercy for this.   farmto table(4) 

Hussaynes gives us some much needed advice in this post. One of the reasons our relationships are not working is because we’ve not taken out time to understand people.

farmto table(3)  This post helps to buttress the previous one in a unique way. We don’t have to think alike to have fun. Do things your way and enjoy yourself while you’re at it.farmto table(2)


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