#GrammarSeries – The truth about adjectives

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Hello there Sparkle Writer! It is going to be all about the adjectives today. In simple terms, adjectives are the oxygen of your writing. They breathe life into your writing. They tell us or give us more information about nouns.

This will help you understand better.

The man came yesterday versus The tall man came yesterday.

In the example above, the adjective tall gives us a clearer picture of the kind of man being referred to in the sentence. 

There are times that you would like to use more than one adjective to describe a particular noun and this sometimes leads to confusion as to which should be placed before the other. Well, not to worry, we have got you covered.

There is an order that adjectives should follow in sentences.

If we want to use the adjectives tall, young and handsome to describe the noun ‘man, the order will be as follows:

The tall handsome young man is in the living room.

The reason is simple. The adjective ‘tall’ is a general opinion adjective meaning it could be used to describe almost any kind of noun so it comes first. The adjective ‘handsome’ is a specific opinion adjective meaning it is reserved for specific kinds of nouns like a man or boy and not an animal. The adjective ‘young’ refers to the age of the man therefore it comes last in the order.

So the order goes like this: general opinion adjectives, specific opinion adjectives, adjectives of size (big, small), shape (circles, diamond, spherical), age (young, old), colour (red, black), nationality (Nigerian, British), and material (golden, woolen, and leather).

Look at these examples 

The tall handsome young black Nigerian man is here to see you.

My father has a big black Irish leather bag.

We hope you got it!




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