#PickOfTheWeek – This is what true happiness means

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It’s weird how some of the posts writers upload on instagram can sometimes be related. They don’t really plan it or do they? The common theme in this week’s #PickOfTheWeek is happiness. While some posts expalin what happiness is, others talk about how to get it. 

The first post is by Efe Ronald and although you may look at this peice and wonder where happiness was mentioned but what more can love give if not happiness? There’s a joy that love brings and everyone should be  able to experience it.   

brunch (9).png


The second is by Mercy Williams. Wondering if happiness has anthing to do with groth? Well it does, If everyone decides to embrace growth even when it is not appealing, we would live a happier life. Do you agree? Of course you do! 



brunch (8)


Everyone who has lived life to adulthood will know that this is the absolute truth. If you keep depending on other people to be happy. It may take a very long time befre that can happen.  Thank you Jummy Ipinlaye for this 

brunch (6).png This peice really hit home. Many times our inability to move on from the past may affect the happiness of today. It’s time to move on. Thank you Ugo Udoji. 


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