#PickOfTheWeek – Find out what tears and healing have in common

Meaning pf wpebegone (6).png

The posts on today’s #PickOfTheWeek iwil stir something up insde of you! 

How else do we describe posts that encouraged healing, closure and the will to look over mistakes and dream again. 

Can we just go straight to these peices? 

Jummy Ipinlaye is on fire with this post. For those of us wo are still hiding our skills and abilites, this is for you. 

brunch (1)

If you have lost someone and still hurting China Tori’s words are encoraging. It may look imposible but you can heal. 

brunch (2)

Heart break can be terrible but one thing you can be sure of is that morning will come and the pain you feel today will not hurt so much. At least that’s what Knayinsola says but we agree with her . 



The last and definetly not the least is by Eke – kola Vanessa.  Most of us see only our faults and condemn ourselves. Vanessa thinks iys time we start embracing our dopeness tWe agree. 

brunch (4) 

If you are a writer and you post your work on Instagram, don’t forget to forget to tag @thesparklewritershub for a chance to be featured on our Pick of the Week.


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