Your journal gives you permission to write like no one is reading


Social media has changed the way things are done and although some of these changes are great, others are not so acceptable. One of them is the change in how and why we write. 

As writers we are supposed to write first for ourselves before writing for others but the advent of social media has made changed things. How you may ask? Many writers post their work on social media (which in itself is a good thing) but this means that a lot of other writers would see these posts, comments and likes and probably feel jealous. This jealousy can in turn fuel their need to write their own posts in the same way, using the same style just to get the results of fellow writers on Instagram.

This is very dangerous. Doing this consistently will not only silence your authentic voice in due time, it will also make you dislike what you do over time because you will be writing to compete instead of writing to be heard, to release your thoughts and bless humanity. 

Writing in your journal however helps to curb this. Your journal is a safe haven and knowing that no one is judging you or your work gives you the license to write uncensored and pour out your truest feelings. 

Writing a journal is easy, with it you write at your pace, no one expects a 2500 word count from you in one week. With a journal you have the permission to not always make sense. You don’t need to keep writing and editing at the same time. With a journal no one is reading, so you can write whatever the you want.

Use your journal wisely and if you don’t have one you know what you have to do. 


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