#PickOfTheWeek – Nigeria, Time and Darkness, this week’s posts are different

Medieval (7)

This week’s posts for #PickOfTheWeek are quite profound and thought-provoking. We admire all the writers for the depth of each piece. 

Our first feature is one that honours our dear country, Nigeria! If you are not from here this piece will help you appreciate us better. We really are dope! Thank you so much, Igbor Clement, for this. 

farmto table

The second piece by Nmesoma Agbo is all about domestic abuse and reminds people of how brutal it really is. Nobody should go through it. 

farmto table (1)Adegbite Tomi reminds us about how important it is to manage time do ALL we need to do every day. 

farmto table (2)The last and definitely not the least is a piece about the impact of building lives. No matter how much wealth we acquire. We really can never be truly successful if we don’t build people. Thank you so much, Andrew. 

farmto table (3)

If you would like to be featured on Pick of the Week, don’t forget to tag @thesparklewritershub on Instagram.


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