A guide to finding your writing style


Hello Sparkle Writers, we know some of you do not still understand what writing style is. Today we’ve found a simple and profound way to explain it to you.

For a minute, we would like you to think about all the fashion designers you love following on Instagram and why you love following them. Your reason would, most likely, be that you love their style, which might probably include how they are able to take the mundane, everyday fabric or clothing and transform them into something exquisite, adorable and wearable. 

So, you would most likely recognize your favourite fashion designer’s work anywhere because they have managed to carve their own niche and create their own style which is kind of like their personal signature on the outfits they design.

I hope you can catch a glimpse of what writing style means and what it means to have one as well. To have a writing style is to have a voice that sets you apart from the rest of the writers out there. 

To have a writing style is to have a unique way of transforming ordinary words into the most wonderful of write-ups or articles or stories or whatever it is you write. Every writer has a voice; every writer has a style. Imagine a writer with no style or voice? That would be terrible. 

The reason you love your favourite authors is because they have a voice or a style that you resonate with. Your favourite authors remain your favourite authors even if your best friend does not share your point of view or your perspective about the way they express themselves. 

All of these writers found their style and developed it. Now, it is time to find yours. When you do find your voice, stick to it and stop trying to copy some other writer’s style. Doing that would be tantamount to answering someone else’s first and last names. We bet you don’t want to do that!


3 thoughts on “A guide to finding your writing style

  1. Here’s how I find and continue to refine my style and voice. For whatever I decide to express in writing, I stick to certain words that appeal to me and leave out other words or synonyms. Avoiding constructions that don’t sound ‘me’ to me.

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