Don’t be afraid to evolve

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You either evolve or you disappear.”  Tupac Shakur 

We had to quote Tupac for today’s post! Think it’s too direct? Not so much. It is the absolute truth. Whether in personal life, business, career and for us as writers, evolution is a necessity and as Tupac has said you either evolve or you disappear. 

Evolving as a writer means getting better at what you do. 

When you start off, nobody expects you to be perfect. Nobody is perfect really. In as much as we all have our individual writing weaknesses we are not expected to celebrate them. This however does not give you the liberty to sit on your skill. There is no finish line. Regardless of how adept we become at writing, there will always be room to evolve. 

One fundamental way to do this is to let go of the pride, limiting beliefs and embrace learning. You have natural talent but there’s still a lot of experience to garner. 

This is the hardest and most important ‘mind shift’ every writer needs to go through. We all come into the journey believing our writing is good, and special which is something that is true but most times, our writing still needs to be polished.

Once you are open to learning you’d be amazed as to the number of things you didn’t know and are pretty important for your career. 

Attending writing workshops and training will do a lot to your career.

We do not know how and why it is believed that every writer must be an introvert who is only in love with his computer, journal and pen. Writers do not necessarily have to be introverts and NO we are not saddists too. You should be able to associate with other writers not just online but offline. Attend writing workshops and conferences because you’d see things from different perspectives and improve your writing.

Remember that evolving is not an option, it is a necessity especially if you want to stay relevant. 


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