#FeatureFriday – Signposts for becoming a great writer


Writing is more psychological than it is physical. The problem is that people focus so much on the physical part than they do on the other. Writing begins from the mind, if you haven’t thought of it then you can’t pen it effectively. Writers block is tied to this principle. To get started, five keys are to be noted.

One: Purpose for Writing. One clear sign that you will suffer a block is when you just keep trying to write. Without purpose zeal gradually fades away.  It is the purpose that keeps you going. You want to be an excellent writer? Then have a purpose. There is no single purpose for writing, that is for you to discover on your own, and every article is backed with its own unique purpose.

Two: Getting Inspiration. One crucial problem with amateur writers is that they don’t write until they are inspired. As good as it sounds but that is a limitation. I have come to the conclusion that what makes inspiration have it’s course is when you have a schedule and deadline. There is bound to be a surge of inspiration once you decide to write an article before the end of Thursday. That jump starts your brain, forcing it to capture ideas consciously or unconsciously to you. So if you can’t write because of “no inspiration” my dear your problem is lack of schedule and deadline. Fix that and inspiration would come.

Three: Choosing a topic. As simple as this is, it is the most important part of an article. There are times when I just write without a topic in mind, it  is effective but could also be a limitation. The best way to get started on any article is to have a topic in mind. Spend a good amount of time, daily jotting down topics. Don’t worry about how to write it just keep writing topics. I recommend that a minimum of five topics should be noted daily. Having difficulty getting started?  Pause now and write out five topics you would like to write about.

Four: Brainstorming. Ideas are seeds that form amazing write ups. Your lack of *idea* and not necessarily inspiration is the reason you haven’t started. When an idea hits you, it compels you to develop it. Until you are done, you won’t be satisfied. These ideas come faster during brainstorming sections.

Five: Write. All of this would be pointless if you don’t write. So the final key to be noted is to write. You have a topic! What are you waiting for? Get started. Eliminate every form of laziness which is one of the core problem with writers. Be committed and back it up with consistency. Attempt writing everyday, even if it’s just for an hour a day. No matter how bad you think it is, don’t stop writing. keep at it daily.

The above listed five tips are not exhaustive but they are signposts for becoming a great writer. Focus on them daily.


About Omerhi 

Omerhi James is the founder of InkGeniusNG, a platform dedicated at helping writers discover, document and monetize their contents.  He’s a published writer, teacher, penpreneur and a motivational guru. He could be contacted via @semajihremo on Instagram and James Semaj Omerhi on Facebook.



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