#WriterSpotlight – “Writing has taught me that nothing is impossible.” Chioma Anulika

Don’t you just love Thursdays on The Sparkle Writer’s Hub? It’s time for another wonderful #WriterSpotlight feature and today, we have Chioma Anulika Christine. She is a fantastic inspirational blogger who has learnt over the years that with writing, nothing is impossible. You will enjoy her interview with us. 

Hello Chioma. Can you please tell us about yourself in a few words?

My name is Chioma Anulika Christine. I run an inspirational and lifestyle blog called Anuli’s Blog. I am a writer, a content creator, a closet author, a weirdo and an introvert who finds inspiration in the most abnormal things.

When did you discover that you had a passion for writing and why did you decide to follow this passion?

I discovered my passion for writing as early as I started writing and reading. Boredom was one thing that made me realise how much I loved writing. My decision to follow this passion was not conscious. Writing made me happy so I continued doing it. Also, my parents and my brother, Joshua, were always pushing me forward. They always reminded me that what I could do was special.

Can you tell us what you love most about writing?

I love how writing gives me the ability to create a new world and be imaginative. I also love the fact that I can pass my message across with my words. Writing has served and is still serving as an escape when I find myself stuck in a place I do not want to be.

Your writing is centred around your faith and inspiring people. Why did you decide to go in this direction?

This was not a conscious decision. My faith is something that I am constantly growing and sharing always made me feel like I was doing good by God and that feeling cannot be traded for anything. I always want to make my writing a reflection of myself and sharing certain situations and phases my life has gone through and how I have been able to get through them makes me feel like I am also helping someone else.

What is the most important lesson writing has taught you?

Writing has taught me that nothing is impossible. Writing has taught me that we do not have to always use our mouth to speak, writing can speak for us.

In what ways have you grown over the years as a writer?

I have grown tremendously with my expression and interaction and being able to channel my thoughts properly before putting them into words. When I was growing into writing, I never put these things into consideration, I just wrote as I pleased. Writing for this long has made me realise the various aspects and just how broad writing is.

You inspire people a lot. Have you ever reached a point where you struggled to find inspiration? How did you handle it?

It feels great to hear that I inspire people. Yes, I have reached several points where I struggled to find inspiration. I just recently went through a phase and it was the most difficult compared to the others. I didn’t feel the happiness I used to and it made me really depressed. It took a while for me to find my way back but God helped me a lot. I had series of quiet time with God and with myself and I remember one thing I always asked God and it was that He should remind me why I loved writing so much and why I derived joy from inspiring people and He helped a lot. I also read a lot because reading has been one major point of inspiration for me.

What will you say has been your biggest achievement as a writer so far?

That would be the Inspire Week. The Inspire Week is a 7-day inspirational programme where 7 different statements are being emphasised on to inspire. We just got done with the second inspire week and this one was much bigger than I could have imagined. The first inspire week was a struggle and with help from my friend Dami and my sister, Esther, I could pull through. For the second, I had more company of seven other bloggers (Didi, Dami, Kemi, Feyi, Emeka, Nnamdi and Elizabeth), and they made the journey amazing.

Where would you like writing to take you in the future?

I want to be an inspirational figure and one sure way to do that is with my writing. I never want to stop inspiring with my words.

What advice do you have for people who know that they have a message to share but fear keeps holding them back?

Never let the wave of the world or the trend determine your message. A lot of times, we hold back because we fear the world’s reaction to what we preach but mostly, what the world says does not matter. Be real, don’t contradict your message because you fear displeasing people. Not everyone would agree with what you must say but do not let that change your message.


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