Elis Publishing is raising Warrior Writers and Teachers with a Pen

If you are a woman, a Christian, you feel the call to write and publish books, you are totally unaware of how to get started, and how to put pen to paper or you are fearful, unsure whether your message matters, and you are not sure who to turn to? Then you need to attend the Elis Pen-Writers workshop.

Presented by Elis Publishing, the workshop will help you to;

  • Identify and accept your call to write 
  • Deal with the basics of book writing 
  • Learn how to spiritually carry your book and much more. 

Elis Pen-Writers desire to see that the creativity of God is shown forth in His writers (scribes). This workshop is for first time authors, aspiring authors and soon-to-be authors. It aims to encourage, train and equip people as they journey to becoming authors. The following will be dealt with – fear, rejection, finding your voice, understanding your call, knowing your message amongst others.

There will also be practical lessons on discipline, refining your manuscript, preparing your manuscript for editing, figuring the best publishing route for you, how to financially prepare to publish your book and much more!

The workshop will hold at the Shoreditch Platform on Saturday 5th August and it costs £15. 

Now is the time for you to birth that book and spread the message that God has given to you through writing. This workshop is only open to women and there are 30 spaces left.

To register, send an email to [email protected]


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