Sparkle Writers, this is your opportunity to become a paid critic.



Hey Sparkle Writers, the maiden edition of The Critic Challenge 2017 is here!The challenge is an annual call for critics that aims to bridge this divide and discover talented critical writers in order to set a standard for the cultural and creative industry in Africa.

The subject of critiquing has been neglected for a long time in the cultural economics in Africa. Whereas there is proven influence of published critical judgments on consumption levels, increase in cultural demand and a significant positive effect on revenues accrued in international scenes.

Wondering how you can participate? 

  • Select a preferred category from either films, music or books 
  • Choose 2 out of the 5 subjects in your preferred category to critique.
  • Send in your reviews of not more than 850 words. See submission details HERE.
  • Entries will be judged based on the following criteria;
  • Clarity with regards to understanding the universe of the subjects.
  • Constructive criticism with regards to social political, cultural and economic discourse of the subjects.
  • Originality. Plagiarized entries would be disqualified.
  • Accuracy of language, historical references and facts.
  • Narrative flow.
  • Relevance of thematic expressions.

Please note that submission of entries closes at 12 midnight on May 15th 2017.

What’s more fun? Top 10 entries from each category would be selected by our judges and published on the CREETIQ website and users would be able to vote their favorite entry.

Remember that there are cash prizes to be won so take this very seriously. 

For more information visit the CREETIQ website 


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