How to react to negative comments on your blog


On our blogging series, we have at different points explained why a blog can be one of the best things to happen to you, whether as a writer or not.

However, we can’t deny the fact that there are a few things that can make the experience far from fun. One of them is negative comments.

No matter what you write, some people will never agree with you and instead of saying their opinions nicely, they will curse and do their best to be as nasty as possible.

You cannot control what people write but you can control your reaction. Here’s how to react to a negative comment.

Stay cool

We know it is very hard to remain calm when someone literally attacks you on social media but you have to. Don’t respond in anger. If you need to, wait a little while for your feelings to be more stable then speak. Don’t return the insults, it’s not good for your brand and definitely not worth your time.

Delete the comment

That’s why it’s your blog . If there’s too much hate and negative energy surrounding the comment you have the right to delete such. There’s so much evil going on in the world you really should not harbor some more in your personal space.

Respond accurately 

Negative comments are not always insulting. Some readers may not agree with you in some areas but present it so politely. They also have a right to speak their mind you know. When you see comments like that, respond appropriately. Thank them for their opinion and give further clarification if need be. Social media is all about communication after all. .


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