#GrammarSeries – How to know when your grammar game is declining


Hey Sparkle Writers, it’s Tuesday and as you know on The Sparkle Writer’s Hub, it’s time for our #GrammarSeries.

Today, we are talking about how to know when your grammar is declining. If you notice any of the things we will highlight today, please make amends.

Here we go.

When you start writing in double negatives 

Most times you get so carried away that you just write as the idea comes to you. In the process, you may write your sentences in double negatives. Double negatives are a sign of bad grammar.

Look at this example:

  • I can’t hardly believe that my dad is back.

If you start writing sentences like this then your grammar game is really declining, you need to watch it. Can’t and hardly are both negative constructions, they should not be together in a sentence.

When your editor starts complaining frequently. 

If you have an editor or someone who proof reads your work, they would be a good way to know when your grammar is declining. When the complaints and corrections on your work start increasing, then you most definitely need to do something about it. Pay attention to their corrections and make amends.

When you write run-on sentences

A run-on sentence is a sentence in which two or more independent clauses (sentences that could stand on their own) are joined together improperly. It’s usually pretty obvious that this kind of sentence is inappropriate, so if you do not notice it, your grammar may need some touch up.

For example:

  • I went to the store I got milk and cookies.

There are two separate sentences here and both can stand alone. If you find yourself joining sentences like this together, you should check your grammar.


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