#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas for me, is mostly a family time. A time to be spent with loved ones.” Sassy Bahristah

Sassy Bahristah

We love the way Sassy Bahristah has maintained her love for Christmas right from her childhood days where so many fond memories were formed. You’ll definitely love her entry.


I’m Catholic, therefore, I believe in the Christmas story: that Jesus Christ was born into this world in a lowly manger. I believe that the angels, and indeed, the whole of heaven rejoiced at this event. I believe in the significance of this event and I believe that celebrating the memory is a wholesome thing to do.

This is the major reason why I celebrate Christmas like a kid. Most adults think Christmas celebration is for children but not me. I love everything about Christmas. The gift shopping, the parties, the cooking, the good cheer, everything!

Christmas for me, is mostly a family time. A time to be spent with loved ones. The birth of Jesus transformed Mary and Joseph into the Holy family. So the idea that Christmas is about families is not far-fetched. The family theme is central to the Christmas story.

I come from a large family of nine kids. I am the 5th and middle child. Growing up in Sapele, Nigeria, there weren’t any fancy holiday resorts or cabins in our Christmas experiences. It was just a time where everyone comes home, school is on recess, there is light and we could crack jokes, play (harmless) pranks and watch whatever was showing on TV. I’m especially partial to Christmas-themed movies.

We usually spent the most part of Christmas eve in the kitchen, doing preliminary chores, preparatory to making the huge Christmas dinner. At night on Christmas eve, we would go to mass, amidst firecrackers and bangers being shot by the neighborhood kids. And on Christmas morning, everyone is just happy and filled with smiles. What’s not to love about such a season?

Now I’m all grown up and living on my own but my love for the Christmas season has remained a constant K. Not only because of the emotional/physical connotations, but especially because of the spiritual significance of the celebration: that Christ is born to save mankind from all sin!

About Sassy Bahristah

Sassy Bahristah

Sassy Bahristah is a Warri based Lawyer who writes to share her unvarnished opinions on salient issues of life.

If you would like to be featured in The Sparkle Writer’s Christmas Campaign, please send an entry of between 300-400 words telling us what Christmas means to you. Your entry must be sent with two pictures of yourself and your bio to [email protected]. We have limited slots left so send in your entry as soon as possible. 

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