#SWChristmasCampaign – “I love Christmas because it is my special day.” Odawayi Ukandu

Odawayi Ukandu

It’s December and we are excited to officially begin The Sparkle Writer’s Christmas Campaign! Our first entry is from Odawayi Ukandu and she shares what Christmas means to her. Enjoy! 


Now I laugh at how I would complain to mum and dad how I hate my birthday. They will both shush me up and tell me in the most loving way how my birthday is a special day and I should see it as such. It upset me that I never had the chance to celebrate a grand birthday with friends in school; rather it was done at home with few friends because everyone was away for the holidays.

While others enjoy being the center of attention on their birthday, I literally struggled for the limelight. I realised my mistake, took comfort in the knowledge that I wasn’t alone and began to live for my happiness every Christmas morning. Wake up with smiles to a birthday song by my family before morning devotion, the aroma that filled the air will make one want to visit everyone on the street just to have a taste of what they were cooking. We definitely had a taste of every meal (Lol!) and have a brand new positive attitude for the new year.

As a Christmas born, I have learnt that in the season Christmas there is a lot of a Christ like act we perform which brings light to those we serve and to ourselves.  As we follow the Saviour’s example every Christmas season we can light the world with simple acts of love and kindness.

I love the fact that Christmas all over the world is a general annual holiday celebrated by all in their different tradition and ritual with the Christmas colour red, green, white and gold everywhere. It’s always a good thing to see the beautiful colours of Christmas with lights decorated on tress, stores, houses and the streets.

I love Christmas because it is my special day. It is a day I start a new year.  In this season filled with lights, remember the light that shines brightest of all, the SAVIOUR.

About Odawayi

Odawayi Ukandu

My name is Odawayi Ukandu, single, 27 soon (25th Dec). I live in Lagos Nigeria, love to read and write. I am a graduate of political science (Bsc), cake and ice cream addict, love to hangout with friends, love to surf the internet to improve my writing skills and love to travel to discover a whole new experience.


If you would like to be featured in The Sparkle Writer’s Christmas Campaign, please send an entry of between 300-400 words telling us what Christmas means to you. Your entry must be sent with two pictures of yourself and your bio to [email protected]. We have limited slots left so send in your entry as soon as possible. 

8 thoughts on “#SWChristmasCampaign – “I love Christmas because it is my special day.” Odawayi Ukandu

  1. Odawayi is a very special lady….she is a wonderful writer any time any day any where….ice cream and cake addict…lol…..nice piece of write up



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