3 things every serious blogger must avoid


It’s time for another blogging series and today we are talking about three things every blogger must avoid like a plague. Want to know what these three things are? Keep reading

Don’t be non nonchalant

So many bloggers want their blog to grow, make money, impact lives but that would never happen because they are not paying enough attention to the blog.

A blogger who has high hopes for her blog should never be nonchalant about it. Take the design of the blog, the message of the blog and even your readers seriously. If you have committed to writing three times a week, do it. Make sure the look and feel of the blog is welcoming. Never make your blog feel like a deserted place.

Don’t steal another bloggers ideas

It is sad and shows lack of integrity and ideas to steal other bloggers’ content and pose it as yours. Most bloggers put in a lot of work, research and time to come up with their blog content. The last thing they need is for another blogger to steal it.

It is better not to start a blog in the first place than to create one that just picks content mindlessly from other people. There are times you may want to curate stories from other sites but please refer your readers back to the original site or at least mention where you got the content from. Above all, take time to create your own unique content. Your readers want to feel you not somebody else.


Poor pictures

You bet we were going to add this. It is one thing to add pictures to your blog posts but t is something else to add visually stunning pictures. There is a difference between bloggers who just take the first picture they see and click publish and those who actually look for the right images.

What kind of blogger are you? People are attracted to beautiful things, so anytime you want to post a picture make sure it is something appealing to the eye. Check the picture resolution and make sure it is never less than 640 by 400.

That’s not too much to ask , right?

If you are defaulting in any of these areas, it’s time to make amends.

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