Do you have a blog? You need these social media tips


Every blogger needs social media. Yes, we are already using social media to communicate. However when we talk about social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram some bloggers are confused about what platforms to drive engagement and why.

There are a few tips we have to help you make the best use of social media.

Social media is NOT an option

Social media is not an option for bloggers or writers, especially in today’s world. You need social media to talk about your work. You can’t be passive about it. Don’t start a blog and imagine that somehow people will find it. Use social media to amplify your message.

You do NOT have to be on all platforms

You do not have to be on ALL social media platforms. Some bloggers confuse themselves and get on all social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest and few months later they cannot keep up. If you can’t sustain the momentum, don’t start.

If you are a fashion blogger Instgram or Pinterest is more useful than Twitter to you because it allows you display images easily. You need to know what platform is applicable for you and your blog niche.

Be Consistent


It’s one thing to start using social media platforms for your blog, it’s another thing to be consistent. Consistency is what will, in the long run, give your blog the exposure you want. Don’t expect to become the most popular blogger in your niche after posting on social media just once.

Use your blog name as your username whenever possible

Promote your personal brand by consistently using your blog’s name for your Twitter handle, Pinterest or Facebook username. This helps your readers link you with your blog.

Display your social media icons prominently on your blog

To grow your social media followers, display the links to all your social media platforms on your blog. This way, your readers can easily connect with you on the various platforms. They shouldn’t have to search tirelessly just to find you.

Remember, as a writer and blogger, social media is your friend. Use it appropriately. 



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