#ChroniclesOfAWriter – This is the tried and tested formula for success as a writer

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

I’m sorry. There is no tried and tested formula for success as a writer.

Anyone that tells you do A, B, C and you will automatically be a famous or rich writer is deceiving you. This is because on this writing journey, there are many paths to take.

A young man recently applied to join The Sparkle Writer’s Network. He has been a silent follower for months and during my telephone interview with him, he was very excited about the possibility of having access to freelance writing opportunities.

I loved his enthusiasm. Less than two days after our telephone conversation, I had an offer that I felt he would be suitable for. I called him to confirm whether we should include his name in our list of recommendations. He was delighted.

Five names were sent for the particular writing job and this young man was chosen. Actually he was the only one interviewed. The client loved him. A few days later there was also an unpaid writing opportunity with a very big platform that came and he was suited for it.

Again I called him to confirm if he would like to be recommended and he replied positively. Right now, he is rising steadily and I won’t be surprised when he begins to make six figures from writing.

We have another writer we’ve been trying to place in a writing job for months. Offers have come that she has been suitable for but something never clicks. It’s either the client isn’t satisfied after meeting with her or she didn’t do well after being interviewed.

I don’t know what it is but I know that this particular writer ticks all the right boxes when it comes to writing talent.

If you write a book and your desire is for it to be a bestseller, you have to do more than just write a great book. There are many great books out there that never saw the light of day.

If you want to inspire people with your words, you have to do more than setting up a blog. As you know, there are thousands of blogs out there.

If you want to earn six figures from your writing gift, you have to do more than writing consistently and sending guests posts here and there.

What is this ‘more’ you may be wondering.

Well, it depends on where you are going, what you want to achieve, you unique talent, the niche you have carved for yourself and so on.

More requires strategy. If you are not thinking strategically about your writing, you are missing out on great opportunities.

Impacting lives or making money from writing doesn’t happen by chance. It takes being intentional about it.

Do you have a plan for what you want to achieve as a writer or you are simply leaving everything to chance?

Whether you are yet to make the decision to write the words burning in your heart or you are already an experienced writer, it is not too early or late to create a strategy for success for yourself and your writing gift.

At The Sparkle Writer’s Hub, our goal is to help people to find expression through writing and monetize their writing gift. We want to help you create your formula for success through our Sparkle Writer’s course. It’s an intensive one-day course that will help you hone your skills and carve out the path of success for you.

The Sparkle Writer's Course

The course costs N10,000 but if you register before Sunday 23rd October, you will enjoy a 25% discount and will only need to pay N7,500 for the course. Awesome right? We think so too. Take advantage of this special offer and send an email to to register. Spaces are limited so don’t procrastinate.

See you next week!

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