Don’t choose a theme for your blog without reading this first



Are you currently deciding on what theme to use for your blog but the options you have to choose from are just too many and you are confused? Well to make sure that the confusion doesn’t last long, we have collated a number of tips that will help streamline the options and ultimately help you select something good.

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication


When deciding on what theme to use for your blog bear it in mind that simplicity is key. Don’t overdo it. Let your blog be simple yet beautiful. Several themes come with lots of colours, layouts, designs and animations that can ultimately become distracting. Avoid picking themes that are overly complicated or complex. You don’t want your readers to find it difficult to navigate your blog all in the name of a stylish theme.

Choosing a simple theme doesn’t not mean your blog will be unattractive. A few colors in strategic places is ok.  You want your platform looking sleek not like an art painting gone wrong.

Consider your blog niche

Surprised? Your blog niche has a lot to do with your blog’s theme. If you run a political or news blog for example you need a theme that doesn’t compromise text on the altar of design. A fashion blog will most likely need more options for  pictures and images. How readable are your posts with that theme you are about to choose?

How functional is the theme?

Does it allow for comments, does it have options to link your social media pages? Can readers subscribe to your blog using this theme? These are some of the basic features a blog should have and if your theme doesn’t allow for this then it is not functional enough.

How responsive is the theme?


Your blog will be opened via different browsers and on various devices. How responsive is the theme to these changes? Can your theme shrink to fit the size of a smart phone without your readers having to swipe to the left and right to see information stuck at the edge?

Now it’s your turn, have you already decided on a theme? What factors guided your decision? We’d love to hear from you.


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