This is why you should stop comparing yourself with other writers


Admit it. You sometimes compare yourself with other writes. You find yourself checking out another writer’s work and you wonder how ‘cool’ it would be if you could just write like them.

Most times you can hardly see what’s so special about your work or writing skill because you have not stopped checking out that writer’s latest work.

When a post has several comments, likes or shares there’s a tendency to want to compare and see what makes theirs so ‘popular’,

You are not weird. It happens to the best of us. Well at least those of us that chose to admit it.

Even though a lot of writers do it, here are a few reasons why should stop comparing yourself with other writers;

  • You don’t know the full story

Most times when you compare yourself with other writers, you do so in ignorance. The writers you admire most likely have more writing experience than you do.

Take a moment to see the big picture. Most of them have probably gone through years of training (which comes with consistent writing). Instead of sulking, focus on your writing / learning experience. You’ll get better with time.


  • Constant comparisons won’t allow your ‘awesomeness’ shine through

If you keep comparing yourself with other writers you will never write well. You’d be too discouraged after concluding that your article does not meet the standard (whatever standard you have set).

Since you are so preoccupied with other writers’ progress, you may not notice that you also write pretty well. If you keep at it, your writing will slowly come to a halt which is not what we want right?

  • You can’t learn from other writers when you compare yourself with them.

Bitterness shuts down the parts of your mind that are otherwise open, observing and adapting. If you envy the way another writer in your group disciplines himself to write consistently, you’re less likely to ask him how he does what he does, and less likely to do it yourself.

Do you have any other reasons why you think comparisons are dangerous? Please share them with us.

3 thoughts on “This is why you should stop comparing yourself with other writers

  1. Comparison keeps us rooted to a spot. We don’t get any better. We keep sulking and sulking! Great post, thanks for coming!



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